Ian Bracey – Coach, Trainer, HR Interim Manager

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but nobody thinks of changing himself”.
(Leo Tolstoy)

All types of change start in the head. You want something to change, either in your business or personal life.

How can this happen in a positive way so that you not only achieve what you set out to achieve but also enjoy it?

Over the past 20 plus years I worked in HR in 3 major corporations in a number of countries before becoming a professional coach and consultant. The issues are often very similar:

  • An individual wants to learn how to achieve certain goals or how to solve a problem
  • A team needs to complete a major project effectively
  • An HR department wants to introduce state of the art processes
  • Managers have difficulty understanding people and processes from different cultures

Something needs to change.

I can help individuals and teams develop solutions for  these and other similar questions.

The most effective changes are often the simplest. My aim is to help my client develop solutions that are

  • simple
  • concrete
  • credible
  • right for him.